Pipeline 61 worse than Keystone XL

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Writer Carl Sack has written a great piece revealing the history of Pipeline 61, arguably more destructive and threatening than the Keystone XL.

As this pipeline courses through Wisconsin and ends in Illinois, we hope people will become aware of the threat it poses to communities along it’s path.

Please check out this powerful story by Carl.




One thought on “Pipeline 61 worse than Keystone XL

  1. deepgreenresistancechicago Post author

    This is same same Carl Sack who came down to Chicago to do a presentation on the proposed mine near the Bad River Tribe’s reservation. Deep Green Resistance Chicago did a fundraiser for this tribe to raise money to fight the mine. Carl’s presentation was a very comprehensive slide show, and his own animated style. Everyone learned and lot. Deep Green Resistance Chicago would like to take this opportunity to thank Carl once again. THANKS CARL!!!


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